Journal of Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering

Prof. Mehrad Kamalzare, Ph.D., P.E., M. ASCE
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA, USA
Prof. Sara Moridpour, PhD, FIE Aust
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Journal of Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering

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The Journal of Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering is glad to announce that the publisher of the journal has sponsored all of the publication fees for 2020 & 2021. Thanks to this generous support, all of the papers that will be received by JGTTE in 2020, and accepted for publication after completing the review process, will be published with no charge to the authors.

The Journal of Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering covers the broad areas of practice known as geotechnical engineering and transportation engineering. Papers are welcomed on topics such as foundations, retaining structures, soil dynamics, engineering behavior of soil and rock, site characterization, slope stability, dams, rock engineering, earthquake engineering, environmental geotechnics, geosynthetics, computer modeling, groundwater monitoring and restoration, geomechanics, and coastal and geotechnical ocean engineering. Read More

The Journal of Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering covers the broad areas of practice known as geotechnical engineering and transportation engineering. Papers are welcomed on topics such as foundations, retaining structures, soil dynamics, engineering behavior of soil and rock, site characterization, slope stability, dams, rock engineering, earthquake engineering, environmental geotechnics, geosynthetics, computer modeling, groundwater monitoring and restoration, geomechanics, and coastal and geotechnical ocean engineering, Traffic Flow,
Travel Time,
Origin Destination,
Traffic Assignment,
Route Choice,
User Equilibrium,
Road Network,
Transportation Networks,
Mode Choice,
Real Time,
Travel Behavior,
Network Design,
Case Study,
Traffic Control,
Land Use,
Transport System,
Travel Cost,
Public Transport,
Discrete Choice Model,
Dynamic Traffic Assignment,
Multinomial Logit Model,
Network Equilibrium,
Data Collection,
Mathematical Programming,
Time Varying,
Mathematical Model,
Logit Model,
Multinomial Logit,
Choice Models,
Energy Conservation,
Discrete Choice,
Traffic Congestion,
Time Dependent,
Genetic Algorithm,
Simulation Model,
Level of Service,
Decision Making,
Intelligent Transport System,
Urban Area,
Assignment Problem,
Sensitivity Analysis,
Cell Transmission Model,
Heuristic Algorithm,
Objective Function,
Mixed Logit Model,
Congestion Pricing,
Transportation Planning,
Large Scale,
San Francisco Bay,
Traffic Model,
Optimization Problem,
Probit Model,
Waiting Time,
United States,
Stated Preference,
Computer Experiment,
Flow Pattern,
Nested Logit Model,
Motor Vehicles,
Utility Function,
Transport Policy,
Cost Function,
Container Terminal,
Computer Simulation,
Mixed Logit,
Time Window,
Cost Effectiveness,
Utility Maximization,
Empirical Evidence,
Traffic Management,
Freight Transport,
Variational Inequality,
Prediction Model,
Traffic Simulation,
Continuum Model,
Urban Transport,
Ramp Metering,
Road Pricing,
Bilevel Programming,
Empirical Analysis,
Vehicle Routing,
Capacity Constraint,
Model Development,
Linear Program,
Information System,
Mixed Integer Program,
Generic Model,
Optimal Solution,
Network Flow,
Nested Logit,
Value of Time,
Real-time Traffic,
Parameter Estimation,
Geographic Information System,
Transport Service,
Traffic Flow Model,
Road Traffic,
Steady State,
Numerical Experiment,
Maximum Simulated Likelihood,
Land Use Planning,
Network Performance,
Neural Network,
Differential Equation,
Built Environment,
Network Traffic,
First Order,
Flexible Pavement,
Equilibrium Problem,
First In First Out,
Random Utility,
Shortest Path,
Asphalt Concrete,
Performance Measure,
Advanced Traveler Information System,
Hot Mix Asphalt,
Optimal Control,
Time Use,
Decision Process,
Network Model,
Efficient Algorithm,
Revealed Preference,
Fuel Consumption,
System Performance,
Choice Behavior,
Dynamic Networks,
Optimal Routing,
Higher Order,
Empirical Study,
Automatic Generation,
Model Specification,
Hydrodynamic Model,
Dynamic Model,
Forecasting Model,
Difference Equation,
Optimality Condition,
Discrete Choice Analysis,
Stochastic Model,
Upper Bound,
Estimation Method,
Numerical Analysis,
Shortest Path Algorithm,
Global Position System,
Dynamic System,
kalman filter,
Complex Network,
dial a ride problem,
Urban Form,
Computational Efficiency,
Stated Choice,
Scheduling Problem,
Environmental Impact,
Time Series,
Discrete Model,
Boundary Condition,
Cost Saving,
Alternative Fuel,
Random Sequence,
Parallel Computer,
Multi Dimensional,
Time Constraint,
Transport Costs,
Model System,
Extreme Value,
Location Choice,
Analytical Model,
Partial Differential Equation,
Management System,
Spatial Distribution,
Control Strategy,
Service Quality,
Likelihood Funct,ion
Data Fitting,
Artificial Ne,ural Network
Continuous Time,
Microscopic Traf,fic Simulation
Generalized Extreme Value,
Traffic Safety,
Generalized Least Squares,
Time of Day,
Control System,
Statistical Model,
Lagrangian Relaxation,
Driver Behavior,
Three Dimensional,
Stochastic Process,
Traffic Accident,
Measurement Error,
Older Driver,
Shortest Path Problem,
Service Level,
Duration Model,
Numerical Simulation,
Second Order,
Monte Carlo Method,

Probability Distribution,
Prior Information,
Network Optimization,
Weather Condition,
Unobserved Heterogeneity,
Performance Evaluation,
Optimal Method,
Functional Form,
Activity Pattern,
Standard Deviation,
Discrete Time,
Theoretical Framework,
Stochastic Networks,
Random Utility Model,
Field Data,
Maximum Likelihood,
Optimization Model,
Pickup and Delivery Problem With Time Windows,
Theoretical Model,
Air Quality,
Survey Data,
Central Business District,
Simulation Technique,
Recursive Estimation,
Statistical Significance,
Gravity Model,
Nonlinear Programming,  
Comparative Analysis,
Econometric Model
High Density,
Quality of Service,
Cross Section,
Quasi Monte Carlo,
Nonparametric Regression,
Consumer Behavior,
Queue Length,
Simulation Experiment,
Initial Condition,
Social Welfare,
Measurement System,
Flow Measurement,
Los Angeles,
Integrable Model,
Column Generation,
Modeling Technique,
tabu search,
Willingness To Pay,
Distributed Models,
Structural Equation Model,
Network Capacity,
Mixed Integer Linear Program,
Utility Theory,
Long Distance,
Random Variable,
Prediction Error,
Branch and Bound,
Time Allocation,
Economies of Scale,
Dynamic Program,
Developing Country,
Point of View,
Multiple Discrete Continuous Extreme Value,
Highway Capacity Manual,
Transport Infrastructure,
Transportation Problem,
Road Safety,
Fixed Point,
Consumer Preference,
Cellular Automata,
Field Study,
Shock Wave,
puget sound,
Heuristic Method,
Flow Rate,
Location Problem,
High Speed,
Computer Program,
Simulation Estimation,
Nash Equilibrium,
Decision Making Process,
Pickup and Delivery,
Vehicle Miles Traveled,
Network Structure,
Optimal Location,
Simulated Annealing,
Household Survey,
San Francisco,
Energy Efficie,nt
Model Performance,
Cycle Length,
Road Construction,
Profit Maximization,
Finite Difference,
Vehicle Routing Problem,
Stochastic Dynamics,
Automatic Vehicle Location,
Approximate Solution,
Statistical Method,
Reliability Analysis,
Performance Index,
Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives,
High Occupancy Vehicle,
North American,
Dwell Time,
Supply and Demand,
Route Selection,
Exact Solution,
Economic Efficiency,
Multi User,
Latent Class Model,
Demand Response,
Structural Properties,
Game Theory,
Experimental Design,
Real Time Systems,
Simulation Analysis,
Dallas Fort Worth,
Numerical Technique,
Data Acquisition,
Variable Message Signs,
Evaluation Framework,
Regression Analysis,
Decision Support,
Variational Inequality Problem,
Real World Application,
Queuing Networks,
Ordered Probit Model,
Optimal Scheduling,
Time Delay,
Demand Analysis,
North America,
Department of Transportation,
Decision Maker,
Vehicle Miles of Travel,
Latent Class,
Strategic Planning,
Dynamic Routing,
Air Pollution,
Transit Oriented Development,
Spatial Interaction,
Compressed Natural Gas,
Real Time Control,
New Zealand,
Decision Support System,
Pilot Study,
Location Model,
Light Rail Transit,
Low Density,
Fuel Economy,
Monte Carlo,
Economic Benefit,
System Dynamics,
State Dependence,
Maximum Entropy,
Bridge Deck,
Surveillance System,
Monte Carlo Simulation,
Fixed Time,
Integer Program,
Driving Simulator,
Input Output,
Numerical Method,
Network Reliability,
Network Analysis,
Negative Binomial,
Information Service,
Resource Allocation,
Regression Model,
Air Transport,
Space Time,
Exploratory, Analysis,
Existence and Uniqueness,
Equation of Motion,
non-cooperative game,
Marginal Cost Pricing,
Maximum Likelihood Estimate,
Field Experiment,
Cross Correlation,
Signaling Network,
Demand and Supply,
Site Selection,
Finite Element,
Computer Model,
Advanced Traffic Management System,
Optimal Path,
Numerical Solution,
High Dimension,
Demand Uncertainty,
Finite Element Method,
Covariance Structure,
Computational Complexity,
Traffic Prediction,
Dynamic Analysis,
Risk Aversion,
Operant Conditioning,
multimodal system,
Field Test, Control Problem, Soil mechanics, Rock mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, site investigation, grain size distribution, soil particles, relative density, Atterburg limits, plastic limits, liquid limits, soil classification, permeability, seepage, total stress, effective stress, capillarity, shear strength, unconfined compression test, glacial soil, organic soil, boring holes, ground water level, ground water table, sampling, vase shear test, cone penetration experiment, bearing capacity, Karl von Terzaghi, safety factor, spread footing, mat foundation, shallow foundation, deep foundation, settlement, elastic, plastic, consolidation, clay, sand, gravel, silt, saturated, unsaturated, partially saturated, strain, Skempton, vertical and horizontal stresses, plate bearing test, loading, allowable, ultimate bearing capacity, lateral load, lateral bearing capacity, active pressure, passive pressure, Rankine, Coulomb, internal friction angle, cohesion, cohesive, cohesionless, granular soil, fine, coarse, retaining wall, cantilever, earthquake, seismic force, Mononobe Okabe, Levee, dams, embankment, failure, sheet pile, anchored plate, numerical modeling, finite element, finite difference, trench, active and passive isolation, boiling, liquefaction, pile, short and long piles, cast in place, driving piles, side friction, Coil Kastelo, bed rock, tip, skin friction, negative friction, tension, bending moment, pull out capacity, pier, collapsible soils, expansive soils, sanitary landfills, land fill, sand stone, ponding, vibr flotation, unrestrained swell, swelling pressure, reinforcement, geosynthetic, geogrid, geotextile, geomembrane, geonet, mohr circle, slope stability, seep, drainage, Bernooulli, hydraulic gradient, Darcy's law, hydraulic conductivity, flow net, principle, structure stability, laboratory test, filter design, undrained, sullry walls, leachate collection, dynamics, vibration, rigid, flexible, normal stress, soil formation, pore pressure, earth retaining structure, soil improvement, soil remediation, FLAC, Ansys, Abaquse, plaxis, matlab, slope w, seep w, geo studio, nonlin, erosion, overtopping, direct shear test, hydrometer, constant head, falling head, CBR, Ottawa sand, Boston blue clay, loose, hard, dense, soft, ground, water, dry, wet, water content, roller, compaction, sand column, geotechnical, geoTechnical, geotechnology, geology, environmental

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